We’re filmmakers, producers, and marketers.

NOFOMO.TV is a Berlin-based creative collective of live streaming producers, combining videography and technology to create uniquely immersive and interactive experiences for both online and offline audiences. We come from all walks of life, having founded 8 companies, 3 bands and worked across 23 industry verticals to date. We all came independently to Berlin, mostly as musicians and marketers.

James Watkins

Business Development

Alistair Gibson

Operations / Marketing

Lily Raeder

Executive Producer

Chris Lim

Creative / Data & UX

Spike Rogers

Operations / Production

Trent Grenell

Director of Photography

Although some of us had dabbled in live streaming before, the real essence of NOFOMO.TV was born out of opportunity. After being asked to support the AfD Wegbassen – Reclaim Club Culture counter-protest parade in May 2018, we found ourselves working alongside some of the biggest names in Berlin’s club and nightlife scene. We live streamed the main parade from one of the floats as over 70,000 people rallied around Berlin, crossposting across 20+ Facebook pages to accrue over 100,000+ live stream video views.

Since then, we’ve worked parades, underground parties, launch events, conferences, festivals and now, our very own Bedroom Sessions concept.

This year is going to be a big one. If you have an idea and would like to join us on our journey, get in touch with us – we’d love to talk to you.

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