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The Idea & Goals:

The Covid lockdowns wreaked havoc on the fitness industry. In the first week of Germany’s lock-downs, Berlin based fitness company BEAT81 wanted to develop a livestream fitness product to allow them to continue to provide HIIT training to its customers during times of enforced social distancing.  They needed something that had potential to be permanent, develop over time and keep their customers engaged and trending upwards. 

It also had to be unique engough to outshine every other fitness company stream. A rather monumental goal! 


How We Made It Happen:

NOFOMO truly hacked the fitness world in developing a solution for BEAT81. 

Over a two year contract, we operated a multi-camera livestreaming rig, and were given full artistic and technical control over the project. 

Our solution wasn’t just a typical fitness livestream, it was interactive! Customers became part of the stream on-screen. It allowed customers to participate, enhancing accountability, fun and created a much needed sense of community. 

Split screens and video effects made customers appear alongside coaches, and themed workout concepts were developed using a large green screen. 

The project grew to become Europe’s largest fitness livestream, serving over 12,000 customers monthly and ran for 2 years.

Our retainer contract with BEAT81 expanded out further to involve content production for all social media as well.  


The Impact:

  • 12,000 monthly customers for 2 years! 
  • 3,800 streams produced
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