Amazon Prime Video – Last One Laughing

The Idea & Goals:

Amazon Prime Video was gearing up to launch the latest series of Last One Laughing, a comedy format in several countries where comedians are stuck in a house and not allowed to laugh.

Netherlands agency GoSpooky again called on NOFOMO to re-create the show concept with German Twitch influencers. Designed in a talk show style format, the influencers competed in various games designed to make each other laugh.

The project had a complex streaming flow. The informal intro required simultaneous livestreams to each of the 4 influencer Twitch channel. Each influencer channel then raided the main Prime Video Twitch account to increase the viewership.

Post main show, a live watch party was activated for all viewers allowing them to watch the first episode of the official Last One Laughing show. 

With a required running time over over 3hrs. This was going to be a fun challenge! 


How We Made It Happen:

Renting a vintage warehouse, we started with an empty room and completely dressed it for our purposes. We shot the shows as a cinematic multi-cam production utilising 6 cinema body cameras. Our crew, who regularly shoot many top German reality TV’s shows, were perfectly primed to capture the spontaneity and madness that ensued. 

We used our production fly-pack production systems and built up the entirety of it on site the morning of the shoot. 

A cornerstone content section was the green-screen game. The influencer would stand in front of a green screen and we would add all kinds of fun environments behind them without them knowing what the audience was seeing. Each influencer had to ad-lib a monologue as the other influencers taunted them into laughing.  

To accomplish the simultaneous livestreams, we built a redundant cloud encoding flow, allowing us to stream to as many channels as needed simultaneously and have real time monitoring for all. 

All in all, the show was a great success!  

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